This has knocked me sick, i am actually tearing up at just how dispicable this is.
What a inexcuseable thing to happen, a poor dog, a loved dog, by it’s owners, who never harmed anyone, wrongly put to death, all because he looks a certain way.
We’re all taught to be understanding when it comes to different races, people look a different way, it doesn’t mean all germans are nazis, all asians are bayonet weilding nutters, all black people eat watermelon all day, we understand this, so why is this dog sterotyped? Why are these inhumane people allowed to murder this dog?
Why is a dog’s life less precious than any other living things?
Would this pass if it was a human under question?
The most horrid thing of all this is this picture right here..

Yeah, what a horror eh?
That same dog handler lied under oath to have this dog murdered, the same dog that fussed her and showed her unconditional love just days before hand.

My thoughts are with Lennox’s family, and what a sad day to be part of the human race.